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Interview with Annabel Tilley

Image: Knitted Homes Of Crime © Freddie Robins

Chantelle Purcell talks to Annabel Tilley to find out about the current exhibition 'Home' at Core gallery, which is co-curated by Annabel Tilley and Rosalind Davis. Home features the work of 12 contemporary and international acclaimed artists who explore the question: What does home mean today?

The concept of home has become a widespread subject of increasing tension in the 21st Century, affecting all aspects of society and identity. Home is no longer a safe word but a loaded word and a delicate place, vulnerable to attack – both globally, financially and intimately. In this interview we find out about the motivations and curatorial development of this exhibition. We talk about the resurgence in drawing over the past decade and the potentials of contemporary drawing practice we also discover more about Annabel’s practice.

‘Home’ has been extended to this months Last Fridays in association with South London Art Map where Core will also be holding a closing party (as they will be relocating to a space in Deptford).


Interview with Sarah Williams

Laura Eldret and Sarah Williams, The Multiplicity of a Moment, Exhibition, 2010

I am delighted to interview Sarah Williams, artist and curator of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme at Jerwood Space. Williams is one of the four judges for this year’s Open Submission Competition that will be selecting works for an exhibition at coregallery which will run during the Deptford X 2011; an international contemporary arts festival in south east london, 23rd September - 2nd October 2011. (Other selectors include; Alli Sharma, Graham Crowley and Fiona Macdonald). 

Sarah Williams uses sculptural objects, architectural interventions, performance and photography to explore the relationship between object, live event and documentation. 

Sarah Williams recent exhibitions: ‘The Multiplicity of a Moment’, Two-person show with Laura Eldret, Five Hundred Dollars, London (2010), ‘Kunskog’, Five Hundred Dollars, London; ‘Director’s Choice’, Curwen & New Academy Gallery, London (2010); Recent curatorial projects: ‘SHOW’, Jerwood Space, London (2011); ‘Locate’, Jerwood Space, London (2010); ‘Build’, Blyth Gallery, London; ‘Breaking New’, Five Hundred Dollars, Vyner Street, London (2009).

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I am delighted to interview Elizabeth Murton, artist and curator of the forthcoming exhibition ‘A Theory of Everything’. This transdisciplinary exhibition brings together artists and scientists who work in different media and fields, ranging from sculpture, installation, photography, video and scientific research. Bringing science together with art is an opportunity to look for patterns and comparisons in a different context. Through this exploratory process the exhibition aims to set up conversations that lead into a discovery of the re-interpretation of what is possible.

Rules & Regs © Elizabeth Murton

Elizabeth’s practice explores installation, sculpture and drawing inspired by structures and methods of construction, specifically: textiles, weaving, architecture, psychology and theoretical physics. Her interests are in the physical world, both human-made and otherwise and how we form our understanding of our surroundings.

Since graduating from Textiles (Visual Arts) at Goldsmiths, Elizabeth has probed the notion of process through exploring the capabilities and visual qualities of different materials. Elizabeth Murton’s structure ‘Module’ was selected for a Crafts Council commission for their annual show in Somerset House in 2009. Cited by Emma Chrichton-Miller in the Financial Times How To Spend It magazine (Nov 2009) as a ‘striking, sculptural woven piece…’

Other commissions and exhibitions include ‘Can’ at South Hill Park, Berkshire; ‘Work and Play’ at The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey; ‘Orbis Opifex’ at the Crypt at Euston; ‘2012 Prototype’ at Islington Car Free Day and Deptford X in 2010.


Interview with Alli Sharma

I am delighted to interview Alli Sharma, artist, writer and co-director of transition gallery in london. Sharma is one of the four judges for this year’s Open Submission Competition that will be selecting works for an exhibition at core gallery which will run during the Deptford X 2011; an international contemporary arts festival in south east london, 23rd September - 2nd October 2011. (Other selectors include; Sarah Williams, Graham Crowley and Fiona Macdonald).

The Hippopotamus, London Zoo Postcard series, 2010, oil on canvas, 10 x 15 cm

Sharma co-directs Transition Gallery along with Cathy Lomax (founder) and Alex Michon. Since joining the gallery she has curated exhibitions ‘Fade Away’ and recently ‘Mock Tudor’. 

Sharma has a BA fine art from central st martins school of art (2007).  Recent shows include; Awopbopaloobop, Transition Gallery, London (2008); Un-Still Life, The Apartment Gallery, London and the Painting Room, Transition Gallery, London (2008). 

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Interview with Tom Butler, Alyson Heyler 
& Marion Michell 

I am delighted to interview Tom Butler, Alyson Helyer and Marion Michell artists of the forthcoming exhibition ‘Extra Ordinary’. The work of Tom Butler, Alyson Helyer and Marion Michell forms a strange symbiosis, a disjointed world of macabre coexistence that holds humour, ambiguity, intensity and contradiction. Last year Butler, Helyer and Michell were selected for this group exhibition from over 250 artists worldwide as part of Core Gallery’s 2010 Open Submission Competition by our prominent judges Graham Crowley, Kate Jones and Matt Roberts.

Tom Butler, Marion Michell & Alyson Heyler

In this interview I gain insight into the exhibition ‘Extra Ordinary” (which is curated by Jane Boyer and Rosalind Davis) and the developments they have made within their practices since showing at Core Gallery’s DX Open Submission in September 2010.

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Interview with Rosalind Davis

I am delighted to interview Rosalind Davis a practicing artist, writer, lecturer, elective member of AIR Artists Advisory Group, and co-director of Core Gallery.

Core Gallery launched in April 2010 with the experimental curatorial exhibition 'Exquisite Corpse' since then it has continued to thrive into a dynamic and innovative space for contemporary arts and has worked with around 100 emerging and established, international and UK artists and curators.

In this interview we look to the past and survey Core Gallery’s 2010 highlights, we find out the commitment and work that goes into sustaining a gallery. I get a peek into this year’s exciting programme and discuss the cultural relevance of artist run spaces.


Interview: Jane Boyer 

I am pleased to interview Jane Boyer, our new associate member. Boyer joined the 'Core Gallery Collective' in October. Since then she has been involved in the development and sustainability of the gallery. In this interview I gain insight into her practice, I get a preview of the work she is exhibiting for the forthcoming show 'Relay' and find out how she supports the gallery as an associate member.

advance, 20" x 26" gesso, graphite, oil, acrylic binder on paper, © 2010
image courtesy of the artist

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Interview: Nick Kaplony

Untitled (Siren) © Debbie Lawson

It is a pleasure to interview Nick Kaplony, a freelance curator, practicing artist and education officer at Battersea's Pump House Gallery. He is also the programme coordinator of Artquest.
He co-ordinated Core Gallery's launch show Exquisite Corpse. An exhibition and curatorial experiment by 22 International artists and curators.

I talk to him to find out his motivations on contemporary curating, more about the forthcoming show at Core Gallery 'Psychometry', and his recent developments within his work. 


Interview: Rachel Price

I am pleased to interview Rachel Price an Independent Curator and Artist. In this interview I gain insight into the possibilities of sculpture, art’s political potential through contemporary curating and I find out about the highly anticipated exhibition ‘Sisyphus: The Absurd Hero’.  

Price draws together the work of 7 exciting UK artists presenting new sculpture and video responding to the Greek Myth of Sisyphus. The exhibiting artists all explore notions of the absurd, futility and circularity in their practice whilst simultaneously displaying an immersion in the process, be it material or conceptual.


Interview: Patrick Morrissey & Hanz

It is a pleasure to interview Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock (Hanz). In this interview I find out about the forthcoming show ‘Monochrome Set’ at Core gallery. Which is a collaborative project between Patrick, Hanz and ceramicist Leyla Folwell. The title of this show is intended to bind the works together under a theme which may evoke any number of associations with Pop culture and kinetiscism.


Interview: Graham Crowley

It is a pleasure to interview Graham Crowley, one of the most distinguished living painters in the UK today. Born in 1950, Graham Crowley studied at St. Martin’s School of Art London 1968-72 and Royal College of Art London 1972-75, and has held significant teaching posts including Professor of Painting at the RCA (1998-2006).

I speak to him to find out; his views on the education system, ‘modern art’ and what it was like to be a student in the revolutionary 60’s.


Interview: James Wright

It is a pleasure to interview James Wright a selected artist in Core Gallery‟s Open Exhibition for Deptford X 2010. Wright is one of Eighteen artists who were selected from an outstanding pool of entries from across the world by Graham Crowley, one of the UK‟s most distinguished living painters, Matt Roberts of Matt Roberts Art and Kate Jones, Marketing Director of John Jones.

I speak to Wright to find out about; his motivations for applying to the Open Competition 2010, the work he submitted, how significant the residency at Gloucester Cathedral was in the development of his work and the possibilities of his current practice.


Interview: Enver Gürsev

It is a pleasure to interview our very own Cor Blimey(ite) Enver Gürsev! He is a painter and sculptor, who studied his BA (Hons) Visual Arts and Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts in London (2000).

I take the time to find out about his upcoming exhibition 'Pleasure Parlour', his motivations as an artist and his role within Core Gallery.


Interview: Peter Davis

Birth, Peter Davis
An interview with Peter Davis a renowned Sculptor who has a long track record of group/solo shows in UK (RA and Barbican). Collectors include national gallery of South Africa. He has been successfully working since 1966. I want to find out; how he embraces sensuality through the bodily form, more about the upcoming show 'The Pleasure Parlour' and the sustainability of his art practice.

"I tend to make intricate pieces which are happy in a home an invite handling and close observation."


Interview: Andrew Bryant
Black Ball, Andrew Bryant
In this interview I speak to Andrew to find out more about the upcoming show The Eighteenth Emergency, an exhibition that brings together the work of international artists; Andrew Bryant, Frauke Dannert, Chas Higginbottom, Stefan Sulzer, Burcu Yagciogul and Daniel Lichtman.

"The black ball appears as an enigma, a shadowy, brooding figure, anonymous, mute and potentially violent: this is masculinity in embryonic form. "
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