Current Interview with Sarah Williams. 

Sarah Williams coordinates and curates the Jerwood Visual Arts exhibition programme at Jerwood Space. She works as an independent curator, artist and lecturer. Williams is one of the selectors in the Core Gallery Open Submission Competition part of DX Festival 2011

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News: Forthcoming Interview with Elizabeth Murton 

Elizabeth Murton is curating the forthcoming exhibition at Core Gallery 'The Theory of Everything' 24th June 2011 where art & science are brought together to open a wider debate on this theory. Elizabeth is co-manager of the DIY Educate team at Core and runs the group art crit Engine ChatChat.

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Here is a sneaky peak of my new piece inspired by Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory of Personality I have made through many discussions with psychologist Kaidy Stautz. He has just given me a great idea to finish it off! 
The tracing paper in the work gives it the blurry look, as indeed the theory is not clear cut and still being researched….
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News: Interview with Alli Sharma

Check out the latest publication: Interview with Alli Sharma


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Forthcoming Exhibition:

A Theory of Everything 

25th June -10th July 2011
Preview: Friday 24th June, 6.30-9.00pm , South London Last Friday.

Artists and Scientists:
Anna Cocciadiferro, Balint Bolygo, Bobby Antonio, 
Edward Johns, Daniel Jones, Caroline Lambard, 
Hugh Metcalf, Elizabeth Murton, Paula Salischiker, 
Liliana Sanchez and Kaidy Stautz
Curated by Elizabeth Murton

‘The theory of everything implies all things are 
linked in some way and one expression of this could be 
found in patterns.’

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